grbl ported to TIVA launchpad

A first version of my grbl 0.9i on TIVA seems to kind-of-run. Also did a first second version of a grbl Boosterpack: As you might guess from the pcb, i’ll provide option for a 6 motors/5axis setup 8 (limit) switches two quadrature encoders (position and/or speed) i2c or spi interface esc/pwm for spindle 8 additional io… Read More »

TIVA Launchpad(s) …

… deliver quite some bang for the buck! The (smaller) T4M123 launchpad comes with 32bit, 80MHz ARM processor 256K Flash, 32K RAM, 2K EEprom loads of peripherals: gpio, i2c, spi, uart, usb, timers, pwm … roughly arduino uno size hw jtag debugger on board!! free IDE (CCS) ~13USD/EUR The “129 connected launchpad” has 32bit, 120MHz… Read More »

digispark pro first impressions

Hey, so the digispark pros arrived: the board is quite impressive as it’s only slightly larger than the original digispark … it is packed with many nice hardware features: SPI, i2c, pwm … and loads of it (compared to it’s size) the RGB LEDs worked out of the box one of my two RF24 shields… Read More »

grbl shields

So, i have a single layer grbl shield and a dual layer grbl control shield for a leonardo on my desk. grbl shield: single top-layer (the silver one) i2c connector (bottom right) axis/stepper connectors (top right) limits connector (top center) depth sensor connector (top left) 3 switches for reset/start/stop status LED spindle control shield: dual… Read More »

PCB designs for grbl

‘ve been working on PCB designs for my grbl setup: main controller spindle controller stepstick adapter for NEMA23 stepper I’ have them produced asap … Update: some grbl_mc PCBs should arrive end of next week. 2 of them might be available for sale (including the TBX…). please email if interested. an earlier version of the… Read More »