grbl Tiva testing

I finally set up the hardware for real tests … not too bad. Tested: motion limits via IR optical sensor …

grbl TIVA fixes

Had been reshuffling the peripherals used … obviously didn’t do enough testing … Makes more sense now: see source on github.

grbl TIVA firmware & Boosterpack

Used the Xmas holidays for some coding and building: built the first of my 3 grbl Boosterpacks (and 3 of my stepstick protection adapters). So far, everything is working and looking really nice. Now for the Software Started from my grbl port to the TIVA – then added in support for the mcp23008 io-expander (which… Read More »

grbl Boosterpack & stepstick adapter

To put a bit more pressure behind my porting attempts, i designed two PCBs: a grbl Boosterpack an adapter for DRV8825 adapter stepsticks providing overvoltage protection   And 10 days later (5at production, rest shipping) i got the boards:

grbl TIVA port

So, picking up where i left off: During the last year i’ve been working with TI’s TIVA’s … pretty impressive – perfomance wise, io-wise and even more so price-wise: 80MHz ARM cpu 256K flash 32k RAM EEPROM plenty peripherals (i2c, spi, qei, timers, pwm wha’eva’!) the launchpad has an onboard hw debugger tool support pretty… Read More »

Always do your backup guys!

In case anybody’s wondering: Yes, i have lost the last year of my blog. SDcard crash so to say. I’ll repost and update everything soon …

grbl spindle & cooling control V2

Updated the hardware to a leonardo and an spi color lcd: The controller: measures spindle rpm uses closed loop control to drive the motor rpm sense via reflective IR sensor outputs ESC PWM signal displays: cooling, rpm set & measured, direction, tool changer, selected tool, control level and two lines of message manual override for… Read More »

Open Energy Monitor

Getting a grip on power usage at home: Open Energy Monitor Changes: 3 phase setup changed wireless module for nRF24L01+ saving 3phase energy in eeprom @ power loss Also: there is a mobile monitoring device based on the digispark pro, a tiny i2c OLED and an nrf24L01+ module. See software. I’ve also played a bit… Read More »

digispark pro first impressions

Hey, so the digispark pros arrived: the board is quite impressive as it’s only slightly larger than the original digispark … it is packed with many nice hardware features: SPI, i2c, pwm … and loads of it (compared to it’s size) the RGB LEDs worked out of the box one of my two RF24 shields… Read More »

grbl shields

So, i have a single layer grbl shield and a dual layer grbl control shield for a leonardo on my desk. grbl shield: single top-layer (the silver one) i2c connector (bottom right) axis/stepper connectors (top right) limits connector (top center) depth sensor connector (top left) 3 switches for reset/start/stop status LED spindle control shield: dual… Read More »