grbl shields

By | 29. October 2014

So, i have a single layer grbl shield and a dual layer grbl control shield for a leonardo on my desk.

grbl shield:

  • single top-layer (the silver one)
  • i2c connector (bottom right)
  • axis/stepper connectors (top right)
  • limits connector (top center)
  • depth sensor connector (top left)
  • 3 switches for reset/start/stop
  • status LED

spindle control shield:

  • dual layer
  • connector for SPI 1.8″ TFT display
  • i2c connector (bottom right
  • turn/press knob (bottom left)
  • rpm sense input (for an ir-reflective-optical/hall sensor)
  • esc control output
  • backlight FET
  • spare PWM FET for laser power control
  • some spare pins

And, best of all: it seems to work! Without any modifications! 🙂

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