digispark pro first impressions

By | 11. December 2014

Hey, so the digispark pros arrived:

  • the board is quite impressive as it’s only slightly larger than the original digispark …
  • it is packed with many nice hardware features: SPI, i2c, pwm … and loads of it (compared to it’s size)
  • the RGB LEDs worked out of the box
  • one of my two RF24 shields apparently has an issue, it simply won’t talk to the RF24, took me 2 evenings and an additional uno, a due and 2 more nRF24L01s to find out …
  • the OLED library is … errm … shit. It looks like copy&paste-masters first piece (please suggest other formulations!) … it doesn’t clear the displays rightmost 8 pixels … it’s repeating the same init code over and over again … and it doesn’t use any of the “advanced” access methods the controller provides

Update: I had a first go at the OLED lib: MicrOledPro on github

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