grbl TIVA port

By | 20. December 2015

So, picking up where i left off:

During the last year i’ve been working with the TI’s TIVA’s … pretty impressive – perfomance wise, io-wise and even price-wise:

  • 80MHz ARM cpu
  • 256K flash
  • 32k RAM
  • plenty peripherals (i2c, spi, qei, timers, pwm wha’eva’!)
  • the launchpad has an onboard hw debugger
  • tool support pretty good (Code Composer Studio 6.1)
  • ROM based “driverlib” to control peripherals: almost no bit-banging but nice functions!

All that for about 15EU.

That got me thinking: porting grbl to that cpu could be an interesting project.


  • keep the current grbl source as “original” as possible (space restriction!)
  • portability layer via preprocessor only
  • support my add-on features (i2c for spindle/cooling, xyz tool offsets etc)
  • leave some headroom for future expansion (5/6-axis, integrated spindle control, spi (display) etc)

Current state: things are somehow working – but need some thorough debugging …

Find it on github.

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