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digispark pro first impressions

Hey, so the digispark pros arrived: the board is quite impressive as it’s only slightly larger than the original digispark … it is packed with many nice hardware features: SPI, i2c, pwm … and loads of it (compared to it’s size) the RGB LEDs worked out of the box one of my two RF24 shields… Read More »

Name Based Hosting and SSL

In a standard setup there can only be one SSL-server per IP:port. But if you have a wildcard certificate for eg * you can have separate servers configured for appropriate hosts below like + + … Read  Wikipedia on Name-Based VirtualHosts and SSL.

Displayport fun

We’re doing digital signage. Currently trying to find a cheap reasonably priced & easy reasonable solution for a 2×2 @ fullHD videowall resulting in a 4K display. Lessons learned: displayport supports daisy chaining: comp -> display1 ->display2 ->displayX displayport cables can have 1/2/4 lanes supporting 5.4/10.8/21.6 GBit transfer speed, not sure what this means for number… Read More »

Developing for Arduino on Eclipse

As a side-project I started to develop on the Arduino platform (more on the project-of-the-day later). First Steps Getting going on windows was easy: setting up Arduino 1.0.1, compiling and running the “blink” demo, changing the frequency etc … was straightforward. Then: i found grbl. Flashing the premade 0.8a firmware from grbl – instant success.… Read More »

Sony Vaio E-Series 15.5″ Laptop

Btw, my new machine is a EB2 with i5-450M 4GB RAM 320GB HD ATI HD5650 with 1GB 15.5″ FullHD screen From what i get after my install marathon: very nice! Lots of performance and features. Only the case is a bit plastiky. But not bad indeed for around EU800,-. Now i have to get a… Read More »

Flex Builder install under Windows 7 (64-bit)

After getting a new laptop and after upgrading to Windows7 (64-bit) i tried to migrate my current work-setup for eclipse and my workspaces to the new machine. Also upgraded to the newest eclipse version (3.6). Wasn’t really watching the install, but realized that the installer window went “black” after a while and the install went… Read More »

GeoFeeder now officially signed

With the new, official certificate from Chosen Security, i created a new version of GeoFeeder (with only an increased version number) with my new certificate. Then used ..sdks3.2.0binadt -migrate -storetype pkcs12 -keystore self_signed_cert.p12 GeoFeeder_121.air GeoFeeder_121_certswitch.air to manually wrap it with the old, self-signed signature. This way an update can be verified by the installed version… Read More »

Realtime Traffic Messages

Update: the receiving and processing of TMC radio is currently disabled Update: constantly improving the decoder … I finally set up a small embedded linux computer (ZFx86 @ 100MHz, 32MB) with one of my mp5_redux PC104 add-on boards to receive and decode TMC (Traffic Message Channel)-messages out of RDS (Radio Data System). The system is… Read More »