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grbl_mc for 250W Brushless Spindle

Got me an ER11 brushless spindle from aliexpress … Quite nice, silent and powerful .. Had to modify the grbl_mc firmware switch to 0-100% pwm break out EN and DIR pin also break out coolant pins start storing (and managing) settings in eeprom remove ESC startup code

grbl TIVA fixes

Had been reshuffling the peripherals used … obviously didn’t do enough testing … Makes more sense now: see source on github.

grbl TIVA firmware & Boosterpack

Used the Xmas holidays for some coding and building: built the first of my 3 grbl Boosterpacks (and 3 of my stepstick protection adapters). So far, everything is working and looking really nice. Now for the Software Started from my grbl port to the TIVA – then added in support for the mcp23008 io-expander  … Read More »

grbl Boosterpack & stepstick adapter

To put a bit more pressure behind my porting attempts, i designed two PCBs: a grbl Boosterpack an adapter for DRV8825 adapter stepsticks providing overvoltage protection       And 10 days later (5at production, rest shipping) i got the boards:

grbl TIVA port

So, picking up where i left off: During the last year i’ve been working with the TI’s TIVA’s … pretty impressive – perfomance wise, io-wise and even price-wise: 80MHz ARM cpu 256K flash 32k RAM EEPROM plenty peripherals (i2c, spi, qei, timers, pwm wha’eva’!) the launchpad has an onboard hw debugger tool support pretty good… Read More »

grbl spindle & cooling control V2

Updated the hardware to a leonardo and an spi color lcd: The controller: measures spindle rpm uses closed loop control to drive the motor rpm sense via reflective IR sensor outputs ESC PWM signal displays: cooling, rpm set & measured, direction, tool changer, selected tool, control level and two lines of message manual override for… Read More »

Open Energy Monitor

Getting a grip on power usage at home: Open Energy Monitor Changes: 3 phase setup changed wireless module for nRF24L01+ saving 3phase energy in eeprom @ power loss Also: there is a mobile monitoring device based on the digispark pro, a tiny i2c OLED and an nrf24L01+ module. See software. I’ve also played a bit… Read More »

PCB designs for grbl

‘ve been working on PCB designs for my grbl setup: main controller spindle controller stepstick adapter for NEMA23 stepper I’ have them produced asap … Update: some grbl_mc PCBs should arrive end of next week. 2 of them might be available for sale (including the TBX…). please email if interested. an earlier version of the… Read More »