grbl PCBs

PCBs for the grbl eco system …


  • simplified layout
  • use dedicated i2c pins – compatible with mega/due
  • solder jumper to connect VCC to 3.3V or 5V
  • feedback line from machine control to grbl – for READY, WAIT or the like …
  • single layer shield for grbl ready and working
  • double layer shield for Leonardo running grbl_mc ready and working

Eagle Layouts

  • grbl_tiva2 schematic & board
  • stepstick adapter schematic & board


If anybody is interested, i’d be willing to have a few produced and shipped (maybe even solder on all/some components)

  • grbl shield: double sided
  • grbl_mc: i’ve got 2 PCBs including the TBX… available, would send for EU25 + shipping
  • stepstick adapter: sets of 4 PCBs @ 70µ copper, double sided
  • tool/edge sensor, single sided

Pricing could be anything from EU20 down to EU5 depending on numbers …

Anyone interested?

TIVA boosterpack

Pic soon

  • designed for 4C123 launchpad
  • optionally uses TIVA peripherals
  • 6 axis, 6 limit switches
  • 6 stepper fault inputs, reset & sleep outputs (for DRV8825), via MCP23008 i2c io-expander
  • QEI pin support for spindle RPM measuring
  • PWM ESC output
  • probe input
  • RC filters on limit & probe inputs
  • 5V/3V3 i2c
  • SPI on connector

grbl Shield V2

  • designed for Arduino Uno
  • grbl status via blinking LED
  • control signals for 3 axes (dtep/dir/enable)
  • limit switches (x/y/z)
  • depth sensor
  • stop/halt/start switches
  • i2c interface towards grbl_mc
  • feedback line from grbl_mc

grbl Machine Control

  • designed for Arduino Leonardo (with regard to timer/pwm pins)
  • i2c interface towards grbl shield
  • esc control for RC brushless motors
  • rpm measurement via hall/reflective ir sensor
  • PID controlled rpm for spindle
  • turn/press-knob for rpm adjustment/start/stop (later: setup)
  • 160×128 pixels 1.8″ tft display like this one here
  • FET switch for PWM pin 13 (for future laser power control)
  • FET switch for backlight control

Had this one produced. Working perfectly so far …

Stepstick Adapter

  • overvoltage protection (it’s safe to manually turn the motor)
  • solder-jumper configuration for microstepping control
  • breaks out all control signals
  • compatible to stepsticks with 5V-logic/FAULT
  • to be attached close to motor
  • can be plugged directly onto nema23 steppers with a connector (but no wires)
  • screw holes for nema14 motors

Tool Sensor

  • board for a renishaw-style tool sensor
  • signal shaping schmidt trigger and led on board
  • single-sided

I’m pretty happy with the layouts. I’ll have them produced soonish …

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