GeoFeeder is a GeoRSS viewer in Adobe AIR.

It focuses on the map (in all flavors: Virtual Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap …) and on the data. An advanced, html-capable tooltip window displays the feed-entries’ information. A list allows for simple sorting by title. It’s feed “database” is shared between all installations to aggregate as many interesting sources as possible.

Recently enhanced with various settings for a selfrunning “presentation mode”.


  1. Start it.
  2. Choose feed (check “Feeds” checkbox and select feeds in tree).
  3. Setup features.

Please upgrade your Flash Player This is the content that would be shown if the user does not have Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher installed.

You like it? Hate it? Use it? Leave comments or email .

Update V2.1.3:

  • add topo overlay

Update V2.1.2:

  • reworked the reading of settings and providing defaults … worked for updates, but not for fresh installs …
  • made the install badge work again
  • using a true html-component for the tooltip
  • changed the tooltip window for transparency options for current air 3.4 manifests
  • updated the “install latest” script for air 3.4 manifests

Update V2.1:

  • … nothing … really … was just cautious after the huge changes for version 2.x

Update V2.0 beta4:

  • feeds in tree, multiple feeds simultaneously viewable
  • feed items as highlighted/normal/minimized with adjustable timespans
  • autoanimation for item window (highlighted/normal/minimized/all items)
  • frameless fullscreen for presentation
  • … some bugs … probably …

Update V1.4b:

  • switch back to self generated certificate (breaks autoupgrade!)
  • initial “port” to spark components
  • minor adjustments in ui and functionality
  • first gml-feed, added “complimentary fix” for non spec conformant polygon

Update V1.22:

  • added sorting options (see combobox) for list
  • adjusted font size for detail window
  • simplified detail window sizing code
  • added timeout for slow feeds (10s)
  • adjusted to current google map-versions

Update( V1.21):

Features for V1.20:

  • uses a shared url-db: entered feed-urls can be seen by anyone else using GeoFeeder
  • uses a tooltip-window.
  • message list to the right. click divider to open, drag to size, click header to sort (traffic/diesel -> price)
  • supports “start-at-login”
  • optimize tooltip movement, fix atom paser
  • list-width/list-open-status are saved/restored
  • view is saved, view can be fixed
  • application startup made smoother

It is based on maptech, the “universal” AS3 mapping library.

Inquiries welcome ( for custom versions, base technology, customizing …).

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