maptech lib

maptech is my AS3 mapping engine.

After doing a tile-based mapping engine in Turbo-C 15 years ago, after doing Zoomify-based Flash mapping for 4 years (and still supporting it) i decided to create a mapping engine of my own, from ground up, with all features i like and using a modern architecture.

I’m working on this for more than 2 years now – constantly improving. And the record shows it’s usable in diverse setups: science, print, gaming and mapping.


  • simple layoutable container-component
  • layer based, whether map/image layers or symbol layers
  • symbol layers use a dataProvider as data source, just like a DataGrid. You can actually use the same data-source for a DataGrid and a SymbolLayer.
  • easily extensible
  • implemented with performance in mind
  • supports projections (linear, Mercator)
  • support for most common map providers: Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, OpenStreetmap, Blue Marble, Daily Planet, Zoomify


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