sports hub

It’s a reduced and straightforward running/cycling/fitness data aggregator:

  • imports data from nike+ via its activity services api
  • imports polar data from exports off the personaltrainer website (xml/gpx) or locally from the webSync app (hrm/gpx) including sensor and gps data
  • manages Workouts (type/device/duration/start time/calories)
  • Tracks (track/device/samplerate)
  • Stats (speed/hr/alt/dist/gps signal)
  • Users (name/contact/userlevel/privacy settings)
  • Userstats (weight/height/heartrate/vo)
  • Tags (hierarchical)
  • outputs a (geo) RSS activity feed (in public/personalized form)
  • allows for geolocation, get (geo)names for gps data
  • integrates with my GeoRSS reader
  • based on cakePHP, mySql, jQuery

Source to be provided soon -ish.

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