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GeoFeeder now officially signed

With the new, official certificate from Chosen Security, i created a new version of GeoFeeder (with only an increased version number) with my new certificate. Then used ..sdks3.2.0binadt -migrate -storetype pkcs12 -keystore self_signed_cert.p12 GeoFeeder_121.air GeoFeeder_121_certswitch.air to manually wrap it with the old, self-signed signature. This way an update can be verified by the installed version… Read More »

Digital Signage on AIR

I develop the Digital Signage frontend for my partners at infomax. They normally do complete projects from planning (electric wiring, network …), hardware (ruggedized LCD panel-pc’s in all sizes from 15″ to 60″) to software and integration. But they also wanted to open up a new line of software-only solutions. So i used an AIR… Read More »

Autoupdating AIR

Update: you can access your complete application descriptor xml in beta2 now. var VERSION:String = Shell.shell.applicationDescriptor.@version; No more need to keep version twice. 🙂 When i first got my hands on Apollo alpha, i did a quick check on it’s original features. My first stop was on “autoupdate”. After downloading and inspecting what was on… Read More »