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flex: Making a percentage-sized VBox scroll

If you’re using a VBox with a pixel height, it will scroll as expected. If you’re using a percentage sized VBox, it won’t scroll when it’s content grows in size: the scrollbars will be “pushed somewhere up the component hierarchy”. To make it scroll, set it’s minHeight=0. Found this here.

RSS 1.0 + 2.0, Atom 1.0 on Yahoo – Virtual Earth – Google – OpenStreetMap …

To test the recent changes to my maptech library and to feature the omnipresent Geo-RSS feeds, i put together a simple yet powerful (at least i hope so) GeoRSS viewer. Features renders Atom 1.0, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 supports W3C, Simple and GML feeds implements RSS 2.0’s TTL BTW, please add all georss-feed-urls you… Read More »

Zoomify, Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Bluemarble all in one AS3 flex library

Update: now includes Mars and Moon. After some thinking on how to integrate the code for linearly-projected maps (zoomify …) and mercator-projected maps (almost all others) into a single AS3 model, i found a very good, easy and straight-forward architecture. The trick was to separate the coordinate conversion into two steps: linearisation and linear interpolation… Read More »

File caching made (not so) simple

I wanted my Digital Signage solution to be less vulnerable to network losses (and save some bandwidth). As the client exists as a flex-version for browser preview and a AIR runtime version on the Panels, i had to come up with a solution providing a minimalistic interface with minimal code changes needed. So a event-based… Read More »

Digital Signage on AIR

I develop the Digital Signage frontend for my partners at infomax. They normally do complete projects from planning (electric wiring, network …), hardware (ruggedized LCD panel-pc’s in all sizes from 15″ to 60″) to software and integration. But they also wanted to open up a new line of software-only solutions. So i used an AIR… Read More »

Using RSL’s to cache framework libraries

I’ve just switched from “merged into code” to “runtime shared” for framework.swc, datavisualisation.swc and rpc.swc. This brings the mere application code size from 518KB down to a very good 188KB. Only one issue popped up: You need to move up framework.swc under <Project>/Properties/Flex Build Path/Library Path/Flex 3 to be above datavisualisation.swc to properly resolve runtime… Read More »