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Displayport fun

We’re doing digital signage. Currently trying to find a cheap reasonably priced & easy reasonable solution for a 2×2 @ fullHD videowall resulting in a 4K display. Lessons learned: displayport supports daisy chaining: comp -> display1 ->display2 ->displayX displayport cables can have 1/2/4 lanes supporting 5.4/10.8/21.6 GBit transfer speed, not sure what this means for number… Read More »

Digital Signage on AIR

I develop the Digital Signage frontend for my partners at infomax. They normally do complete projects from planning (electric wiring, network …), hardware (ruggedized LCD panel-pc’s in all sizes from 15″ to 60″) to software and integration. But they also wanted to open up a new line of software-only solutions. So i used an AIR… Read More »