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blog visitor map

If you ever wondered what the map to the right actually displays … it’s a map of all visitors to this blog. Visitors are located by ip-address via the free geoip database and the resulting locations + count + last access are stored anonymously in a database. You can then access the data as a… Read More »

GeoFeeder V2

Please check out the new version 2.0 of GeoFeeder! Select multiple feeds for display! And have them coloured! And have the items display differently corresponding to their age! And presentation mode! In frameless fullscreen! With an autoanimated detail window! Now, if that isn’t something. So many features … It might even need documentation … Nah,… Read More »

Trip to Dublin

I was invited to Dublin for 2 days. I departed at around zero degrees with snowfall and arrived at a felt 15degree Celsius more. Had blue sky and a really warm day on friday. Saturday was a bit misty, windy and ~10deg. I took the bus to O’Connell street on both days. Then did the… Read More »

RSS 1.0 + 2.0, Atom 1.0 on Yahoo – Virtual Earth – Google – OpenStreetMap …

To test the recent changes to my maptech library and to feature the omnipresent Geo-RSS feeds, i put together a simple yet powerful (at least i hope so) GeoRSS viewer. Features renders Atom 1.0, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 supports W3C, Simple and GML feeds implements RSS 2.0’s TTL BTW, please add all georss-feed-urls you… Read More »

Serving RDS/TMC info via GeoRSS

As RSS and GeoRSS get more popular every day, here are my 2ct: Once again recycling old code: pulled my RDS/TMC decoder out of the drawer and made a running setup. Then wrote a simple script to generate a GeoRSS feed from it. The hardest part is getting the traffic information formatted right: having a… Read More »