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GeoIP tester

As you might have noticed, i added a tiny map to the site. The flex app first gets your current location (via geoip from the server) and displays a red dot. Then it gets the locations of all the previous visitors and displays the green dots. On mouseover, the country and city (where available) are… Read More »

GeoFeeder V2

Please check out the new version 2.0 of GeoFeeder! Select multiple feeds for display! And have them coloured! And have the items display differently corresponding to their age! And presentation mode! In frameless fullscreen! With an autoanimated detail window! Now, if that isn’t something. So many features … It might even need documentation … Nah,… Read More »

RSS 1.0 + 2.0, Atom 1.0 on Yahoo – Virtual Earth – Google – OpenStreetMap …

To test the recent changes to my maptech library and to feature the omnipresent Geo-RSS feeds, i put together a simple yet powerful (at least i hope so) GeoRSS viewer. Features renders Atom 1.0, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 supports W3C, Simple and GML feeds implements RSS 2.0’s TTL BTW, please add all georss-feed-urls you… Read More »

Zoomify, Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Bluemarble all in one AS3 flex library

Update: now includes Mars and Moon. After some thinking on how to integrate the code for linearly-projected maps (zoomify …) and mercator-projected maps (almost all others) into a single AS3 model, i found a very good, easy and straight-forward architecture. The trick was to separate the coordinate conversion into two steps: linearisation and linear interpolation… Read More »