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Realtime Traffic Messages

Update: the receiving and processing of TMC radio is currently disabled Update: constantly improving the decoder … I finally set up a small embedded linux computer (ZFx86 @ 100MHz, 32MB) with one of my mp5_redux PC104 add-on boards to receive and decode TMC (Traffic Message Channel)-messages out of RDS (Radio Data System). The system is… Read More »

Serving RDS/TMC info via GeoRSS

As RSS and GeoRSS get more popular every day, here are my 2ct: Once again recycling old code: pulled my RDS/TMC decoder out of the drawer and made a running setup. Then wrote a simple script to generate a GeoRSS feed from it. The hardest part is getting the traffic information formatted right: having a… Read More »

Decoding RDS and TMC

Since the beginning of this year, my partners at vianovis have licensed teleatlas vector-maps and are busy creating pixel-maps for general use; compatible to zoomify and therefore maptech. Now that i have access to real street maps, i opened my drawer and pulled out an old project of mine: decoding RDS (Radio Data System) and… Read More »