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Using RSL’s to cache framework libraries

I’ve just switched from “merged into code” to “runtime shared” for framework.swc, datavisualisation.swc and rpc.swc. This brings the mere application code size from 518KB down to a very good 188KB. Only one issue popped up: You need to move up framework.swc under <Project>/Properties/Flex Build Path/Library Path/Flex 3 to be above datavisualisation.swc to properly resolve runtime… Read More »

Charts and Performance

As you might have seen in the demo, i want to display 100+ charts on a map. Until today, i created a chart-object (along with dataProvider, Series, and stuff) for every view to be displayed. This rendered the application unresponsive for some seconds, showed no progress and consumed lots of memory. While reworking my display… Read More »

Context menu for DataGrid rows

UPDATE: In Flex beta3 mouseTraget is set for a MENU_SELECT-event, but not for a MENU_ITEM_SELECT. Workaround: Save the mouseTarget in MENU_SELECT and reuse it in its consecutive MENU_ITEM_SELECT event. UPDATE: this will not work with AIR beta2: mouseTarget is null for MENU_SELECT_ITEM and MENU_SELECT in AIR BETA2. I’ve filed a bug at Adobe. If you… Read More »

Autoupdating AIR

Update: you can access your complete application descriptor xml in beta2 now. var VERSION:String = Shell.shell.applicationDescriptor.@version; No more need to keep version twice. 🙂 When i first got my hands on Apollo alpha, i did a quick check on it’s original features. My first stop was on “autoupdate”. After downloading and inspecting what was on… Read More »